Student Experience

Immerse in a transformational experience both online and in person. No lectures, no high-stake tests. Your learning journey is entirely focused on problem solving beyond disciplines, team work, and effective written and verbal communication. Develop habits of mind and the leadership character for the future.


Develop and practice ways of thinking and being, not just facts and disciplines. The curriculum is not divided in disciplines (e.g. calculus, marketing), but in ways of thinking (e.g. comparative analysis).

Unique Learning Platform


Go through your reading and learning beforehand and come to class to contribute, and enrich your point of view through active participation and learning from your classmates. Our world-class faculty facilitate the conversation.

Perfect Future Skills

Practice future skills

As opposed to placing emphasis on memorising quickly forgotten information, our programmes teach you how to think and act. Every class and assignment is geared towards making you develop and practice skills needed in the future.

Exposure To The Future Of Work

Spend 25% of your academic experience working in groups on challenging projects for leading companies. You will practice the mindsets and advanced skills you learn in class.

Civic Engagement

Choosing from a variety of extracurricular activities, you will develop and hone vital leadership and global citizenship skills. Engage with your community and other civic groups to practice public speaking, debating, content creation and much more.

Online and On Campus

Zayed University X Minerva blends the best of advanced technology and campus amenities. Your classes will all be conducted on Forum™️ — the most sophisticated virtual learning platform available — while you interact with local and international students on both of our state-of-the-art campuses: one in Abu Dhabi, and the other in Dubai. This hybrid approach offers you the flexibility to attend class from anywhere in the world.

ZU Campus
Embrace the new and become future-proof