Enduring Skills Roundtables Series

What are enduring skills?

As the knowledge society evolves rapidly, much of the knowledge and skills taught in universities are becoming less relevant by the time a student graduates. Educators are faced with the dilemma of what exactly to teach.

“Enduring skills” is the new terminology to define future-proof, lifelong skills that are predicted to endure over time and stay relevant for graduates’ current and future careers.


The Context

Zayed University has partnered with “Minerva Project”, the world’s leading educational innovator, to build a next-generation education for the development of next-generation leaders. Zayed University is moving forward to become the largest pure-play interdisciplinary university regionally.


The Initiative

The “Enduring Skills Roundtable” is a series of high-stake conversations hosted by ZU for diverse participants to push thought leadership that portrays collective thinking and  promote pragmatic action to enhance skill development, posing questions that don’t have obvious answers


The Goal

Zayed University are spear heading several initiatives to further advance the region’s higher education innovation’s efforts with the aim of spreading awareness on “the future of work” and provide insights in the hopes of inspiring others to follow suit.

The Episodes