Enduring Skill Roundtable Series | 16th June 2021

Episode # 1: “Is it a Skills Gap or Mindset Gap?”

The skills gap between education and career is well documented, where college graduates continue to emerge unprepared for the realities of professional life and civic engagement. However, educational systems have been unable to adequately address this
fundamental issue.

This discussion explores the proposition that the most valuable skills are not constrained to specific fields of study, that academic structures based on such disciplinary divisions must be reformed if we are to close the skills gap.

Setup of 1st Roundtable


Do we have a Skills gap or a Mindset gap? 


• Moderated roundtable
• 9-10 participants (virtual)
• Recorded (no audience)


• June 16 
• Duration 75 min

Guiding Questions

What balance should a Bachelor’s education strike between knowledge development and skill building?
To frame the identity crisis faced by universities today
What skills do you believe to be most critical to your entry level teams or your younger self in the first years?
To introduce the concept of “enduring skills”
Why do universities struggle to address the skills gap?
To introduce interdisciplinary education as the core principle to reform academia for more useful education

Thought Leaders

H.E. Noura Al Kaabi

Zayed University

Ben Nelson
Chief Executive Officer

Minerva Project

George Lee

Goldman Sachs

Ibrahim Ajami

Mubadala Ventures

Gassan Al Kibsi
Managing Director

McKinsey Middle East

Abdulla BuAli

Zayed University

Ahmad Kamal

Minerva Project

Mina Al Oraibi
Editor in Chief

The National

Enduring Skills: Episode 01


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6 Videos