The future of education is here: Develop a mindset and skills that don’t expire

The future of education is here: Develop a mindset and skills that don’t expire

Zayed University X Minerva

By the time you graduate, the world of work will have changed; with new career paths emerging. As the World Economic Forum estimates, 85% of jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been invented. Zayed University and Minerva Project have partnered to prepare you for a fast-changing world by rethinking what you learn, how you learn and where you learn. The result is Zayed University X Minerva: the region’s first interdisciplinary university.


Learn in an entirely new way. All courses are interdisciplinary and designed to transform you into a problem-solver beyond disciplines. No lectures, just rich student exchanges facilitated by specially trained faculty to develop your critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills. You will spend 25% of your academic experience assigned to project teams, collaborating with coursemates to solve business challenges and gain exposure to the workplace. You will engage in civic activities to serve your community and develop a stronger sense of self.

Career Ready


Zayed University X Minerva represents an evolution of education as we know it. With us, you will undergo a personal and professional transformation.

Our Bachelor’s programme will prepare you to lead and affect positive change in a time of uncertainty. You will emerge: 

Career Ready features


You will be given access to exclusive internship and part-time employment opportunities throughout your study; improving your employability.
World wise


You will collaborate with impactful organisations to gain a real understanding of the world.
Purpose driven


Our programmes are built to help you become a pragmatic innovator with a keen understanding of complex challenges and how to overcome them.
Future proof


We empower you to practice the skills needed in the future. Every single aspect of our programmes is geared towards this ultimate goal.


Enroll on one of our interdisciplinary programmes built around business, technology and society. The curriculum of each programme fosters a growth mindset and adaptive skillsets for a broad range of careers.



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